Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why This Blog?

Short Version: Because it's written by fans, meaning fanatics. Not media. None of us that post here are journalists or media-types or part of the franchise. We're just fans, that's it.  And I think we all bought in when Wash was hired, I have a t-shirt to prove it.

Long Version: This blog/site is a place where me and some friends can express our hopes and vent our frustrations about the Rangers. DFW doesn't have to be all about football 24/7. And hey, if you would like to join in the conversation just comment on a post. The more the merrier.

In my humble opinion, the Rangers have historically been bad with the brief exceptions being a short stint in the 90's when they were under skipper (the late and great) Johnny Oates and general manager Doug Melvin, when they were good (good enough to make the playoffs 3 times but managed only 1 win in the 3 playoff appearances and of course never advanced; but, that was before my time as a fan of the Rangers) and of course the 2010 and 2011 seasons.  Other than that it's been poor.

As a favorite local broadcaster has said, this is a talking sport. But again, in my very humble opinion, it also lends itself to a fair amount of written angst and analysis. Thus, this blog which self admittedly is short on analysis and more just a place to complain about and root for the Rangers. At the very least this blog allows me to vent my frustrations about the team I choose to follow in this, "The Great Game." I moved to Dallas in 2000 and slowly have adopted the Rangers as my team having come from a city in Texas that does not have an MLB franchise. I love baseball and cheer for the Rangers now.

In late 2005 and early 2006 Buck Showalter was fired and Wash was hired and John Daniels replaced the terrible John Hart as GM. And they got rid of guys that seemed to be more concerned with their own stat lines than by the final scores of the ball games (see Texieria).

Now we have a new level of angst.  2 World Series (WS), 2 years in a row. Twice 2 outs and 2 strikes from winning it all in game 6 of the 2011 WS. That Game 6 of the 2011 WS is otherwise referred to by me as, "the game of which we shall not speak."  Sure we want a WS victory but, in my humble opinion, it's been a heck of ride going to two back to back WS.  2010 and 2011 just go to show that anything can and will happen in the great and crazy game of baseball.

And maybe, just maybe, this year the Rangers will once again find their way out of the wilderness of baseball mediocrity and they will make the postseason and win a playoff series or 3. Who knows? That's why they play the games and we watch 'em.  Because anything can happen.

Take it easy and go Rangers.


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