Friday, April 4, 2014

Late to the game live blogging: Revenge of the Saunders...

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Rangers lose 8-1. By the way, are 4 errors bad?

OK, I'm out unless there's a huge rally.

Bottom of 7:
Figueroa (Figs) gets another chance for your Rangers to lower his gianormous ERA.

Top of 7:
Is it bad to have 3 hits entering the 7th?  Just wondering?

A challenge by the Rays is going to upheld, 3rd out.  Inning over.  8-0 Rays.  Crap.

Bottom of 6:
BS error called on Beltre's throw to first.  Prince should have scooped it.  Again, BS.  Hit, error, 2 runners.  No harm.  Inning over.

OK, 3 runs an inning and hold them and then we're tied.  Yeah, I know it's not likely.  Don't mock me.

It's the middle of 6
Rangers' starter Saunders was, to be nice, underwhelming.  8-0 Rays.  Ouch.  Welcome to the backside of the Rangers' current starting rotation.


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