Thursday, July 12, 2012

AL Loses All Star Game to NL Again; And AGAIN AL Loses Home Field Advantage in WS

Glass Half Empty / Afternoon Cloud: This demonstrates again why this arbitrary rule is just that, arbitrary and stupid.  How about have the interleague records each year, AL vs. NL, determine home field in the WS.  Or how about this novel idea, the team with the best record has home field in the WS.  

Also, except for a bloop single by Napoli that should have been an error and Joe Nathan, the 8 Rangers were non-issues in the game.  Besides Verlander, Matty "Harry" Harrison gave up the only additional runs in the game, 3.  And maybe Wash should have pulled Verlander when he loaded the bases in the first and brought in Joe Nathan.

Glass Half Full / Silver Lining: Verlander essentially lost the game in the first inning, and how does Wash pull the AL starting pitcher in the the first inning, you let Verlander pitch his way out of trouble right?  At least it wasn't a Rangers pitcher that got rocked like the casbah in the the first inning.  

Thoughts / Observations / Sidenotes: I generally have felt that the AL is better than the NL for quite a while but, 3 all Star Games in a row and 2 World Series in a row may indicate I've been wrong.  Interleague play records show the AL winning overall each year except 4, and the AL winning each year since 2004 but, those records include scrub AL teams vs. scrub NL teams.  All Star Games and World Series are the best vs. the best.

Oh yeah, the Rangers lead the AL West by 4.  13 games left head to head vs the hated Halos.


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