Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Your Texas Rangers Trade Millwood for a Big Steaming Pile of...

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Can you say franchise in financial turmoil?

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not applicable

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What the f%(k? OK, the spin from the Rangers is/will be that trading Millwood frees up money for other moves. The truth is that MLB is probably running the franchise, a franchise which I'm guessing has been and is continuing to hemorhage money. Solution? MLB sheds payroll in the form of a Millwood trade. Soon to follow will likely be Marlon Byrd going elsewhere as a free agent. Keep in mind that the current Tom Hicks controlled ownership group seems to have driven the franchise straight into the ground. So, could someone explain how the heck Tom Hicks would be allowed to be even a minority owner in any potential new ownership group? Especially since I'd guess that MLB will decide who to sell the Rangers to.


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