Tuesday, August 6, 2013

So You're Saying the Rangers Have a Chance...

Glass Half Empty / Afternoon Cloud: Of course if you heard the national broadcast team of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver announce game 2 of the 3 game series against the A's on Saturday you would have thought the A's were up in the division by 10 games AND that the A's had won the night before.

Oh yeah, and as fully expected, Nellie was suspended by MLB for the rest of the regular season.

Kins continues to amaze on the base pads, again inexplicably he got caught flat footed and was picked off 2nd base, wasting his lead off double.

Glass Half Full / Silver Lining: Despite Buck and McCarver falling over themselves to sing the praises of the A's, the Rangers did in fact take 2 out 3 from the A's in Oakland.

And the Rangers took the first game of the series against the Halos Monday night.

Thoughts / Observations / Sidenotes: After the win versus the Halos, and with the A's having the night off, the Rangers trail the A's in the division by 2 games.  And the A's play 2 against a Reds team that's not too shabby.

I keep on going back to the following: if you  would have told me that the pitching would have been as beat up and injured as it has been (for example see Grimm and Tepesch getting multiple starts) I would have thought the Rangers would have been out of the race.  Especially with as mediocre as the offense has been.


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