Saturday, September 26, 2015

Magic number is 5. And do the Rangers really need to start selling ALDS playoff tickets before they clinch?

Glass Half Empty / Afternoon Cloud: Remember when the Dallas Mavericks planned the victory parade route when they were in the finals versus the Heat the first time? It's a trap! Jinx much?

Glass Half Full / Silver Lining: They are playing great and barring a monumental, never seen anything like it in the history of sports ever collapse, they should make the playoffs.

Thoughts / Observations / Sidenotes: Please don't be a jinx.


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Your Texas Rangers Sweep the Houston Astros out of 1st place in the division

Glass Half Empty / Afternoon Cloud: Again, there's a lot of baseball to be played.

Glass Half Full / Silver Lining: 2.5 games up is not something to sneeze at with less than a month to go. And the way they took over 1st place, by sweeping the division leader, is strong to very strong.

Plus, Prince and Beltre along with pretty much everyone else (Choo, Moreland, Napoli, Odor) look like they have found their groove at the plate.

And the defense looks strong up the middle. The pitching has been good (maybe not great but definitely good), Elvis and Odor turn double plays night in and night out that not too many tandems in MLB can and Gimenez (and others) and DeShields are good behind the plate and in CF respectively.

Thoughts / Observations / Sidenotes: Again. Wow. First. Place. Texas. Rangers.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Glass Half Empty / Afternoon Cloud: There's a lot of baseball to play till the end of the year.

Glass Half Full / Silver Lining: Again: FIRST. PLACE. TEXAS. RANGERS. 

Thoughts / Observations / Sidenotes: What type of season long comeback has this been?!?!? Wow.


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Your Texas Rangers have been shutout 4 out of the last 10 games, is that bad?


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