Friday, April 24, 2009

Rangers Win 5-4! Young Hits 2 Run Game Winning Homer in 9th

Glass Half Empty / Afternoon Cloud:
Rangers' offense had just 3 hits after 6 innings, and 2 of those were from Salty.

Silver Lining:
Rangers' offense exploded beginning in the 7th.
Salty had 3 hits, slump over?
Hammerin' Hank went yard again. And again, is he setting himself up to be trade bait (for a pitcher I hope)?
Young showed he's the leader of this team, again, hitting the game winning homer in the top of 9.
Francisco got another save, ERA to date: 0.00. Again, by all indications he is a real-deal closer.

Thoughts / Observations / Sidenote(s):
Much like Rangers' slow starts in recent seasons, they seem to get off to slow starts in games and find themselves having to try to dig out of it late. This time they did. Usually they don't. 

Keep in mind the Rangers have played exactly 0 divisional games so far. I'm waiting to see where they're at after they've played at least one series against each of their divisional foes. Then, we'll have an idea of where they're at.


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