Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rangers on first streak of the year and of course it's a losing streak.

Now the Rangers are on a 2 game losing streak having lost to the Halos last night. Up till last night they'd been in a rhythm, lose a game then win a game. Now they are 3-5. 

We are 8 games into the young season. The Rangers' offense is averaging 3.75 runs per game so far (the offense having been shutout twice already). The other problem is the pitching and error-prone defense are giving up 4.875 runs per game so far. More than a run per game more than the offense is putting up. That's not good. In fact that's really, really bad. 

I know it's early in the season and I will try to remember to check on this when we are 20 games into the season, which should be a better sample size. But if this run differential keeps up then I would guess the Rangers will be more than 2 games below .500 after 12 more games. 


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