Monday, April 7, 2014

Return of the Scheppers (versus the Red Sox), Rangers lose 5-1, but this loss was not Scheppers' fault...

Glass Half Empty / Afternoon Cloud: Fielder still looked lost at the plate, he went 0-fer again.  But the whole team was bad offensively, 1 run on 8 hits and 2 BB's.

2 errors were committed in the game, 1 by Prince.  If he's not going to hit Prince sure better not commit errors playing 1B, even on tough, push-bunt plays late the game.

How many games are you going to win when you have more errors than runs?  Not many.

Scheppers gave up a lot of hits. Rangers pitchers generally allowed a lot of base runners.

And again the bullpen is shaky to bad.  And again that's a symptom of relievers being starters (Scheppers and Ross) and the new, young bullpen pitchers not being up to the task.  Thus you have the bullpen being handed a 2-1 deficit and that eventually turning into at 5-1 loss.

In top of 7 Rios stole 2B, no outs.  Moreland moved him over to 3B, 1 out.  Rangers ended up stranding Rios and Martin and were still down 2-1 wasting a great chance to at least tie the ballgame up.

Glass Half Full / Silver Lining:  But regarding Scheppers, he only gave up 2 runs through 5 and left the game losing 2-1, leaving the Rangers in striking distance.

Rios again looked good at the plate and aggressive on base pads.

And though Scheppers allowed a lot of base runners, he managed to force the Sox to strand all but 2 of them.

Thoughts / Observations / Sidenotes: Given the amount of Red Sox base runners in the 1st through 7th innings it was a MIRACLE that it was only 2-1 going into the 8th.

Ex-Rangers (Napoli and Pierzynski) were a combined 6-8 at the plate.  And ex-Ranger Koji Uehara closed out the game.  Ouch.

I would hate to have Lackey on a team I root for given the way he shows up teammates by yelling like an idiot on or around the mound when a play on defense behind him doesn't go his way.

Wash lost his first challenge of the year early in this game when Elvis dropped the ball on the transfer between his glove and throwing hand at 2B trying to turn a double play.  It sure looked like he did catch the ball and just lost it in the transfer.  Apparently the umps in NYC saw it differently and the national ESPN broadcast team said that the double play transfer was going to be officiated more closely.  Error on Elvis.

Today is the 25th anniversary of the premiere of the great, classic baseball movie Major League.  Do we need to sacrifice a live chicken for Prince to starting hitting?


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