Friday, April 17, 2009

Rangers Lose 3-12

Glass Half Empty / Afternoon Cloud:
Early on (1st inning?) Kinsler, alone on base at second with NO outs, gets thrown out at third on a ground ball to the short stop.

Elvis caught between 3rd and home on a ground ball for the second out of the 3rd inning. Rangers strand two on 2nd and 3rd. No runs score.

Pretty much got out of hand after this.

So much for the vaunted Rangers' offense. Team batting average with runners in scoring position, to date, .226, lending credence to my contention that the Rangers pile on when nothing's at stake but, when they really need a run not so much.

Silver Lining:
Hammerin' Hank goes yard upper deck, trade bait?

Didn't know Omar Vizquel was a switch hitter. Never followed him much having grown up a NL guy. So he's a switch hitting defensive  wizard? Cool. Future manager in the bigs?

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