Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rangers Win 5-4, Win Streak @ 2!

Glass Half Empty / Afternoon Cloud:
Rangers committed an error, only one in the game, in the 8th giving the Jays an extra out. 

Then C.J. Wilson comes into the game in relief, gives up a base knock that scores a run (making it 5-4 Rangers) and retires no batters. How much more of C.J. Wilson do they need to see? Whatever he had last year seems to have escaped him this year. 

Silver Lining:
Kinsler and Cruz both go yard. 

Jennings looked good in relief, new set up man since Wilson's not panning out? 

Francisco looks like the real deal as a bona fide closer. 

Thoughts / Observations / Sidenote(s):
I like Ron Washington so hopefully this kicks off a little streak of more winning than losing. The error committed in this game was by the rookie shortstop Elvis, that's forgivable.

Could this be monumental moment/game in The Rangers' season? I know it's early but consider the following:
1) The Rangers beat the best team and pitcher in the AL, at least as it stands now.
2) Francisco showed he can come in early, get the 4+ out save and get in and out of trouble in the process.
3) Washington apparently had C.J. Wilson on a short leash and when Wilson didn't have it Washington yanked him quickly (after one batter I think).
4) Josh Hamilton has not been hitting well, that won't last.
5) The post game celebration of the win. It's truly refreshing to see the youth, Kinsler, Cruz, Elvis, Salty, genuinely exuberant to have won a game. That can be contagious.

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