Tuesday, August 25, 2009

- Rangers beat Evil Empire, Barely

Glass Half Empty / Afternoon Cloud:
Rangers are down 4-0 after 2 innings. Whoops. Game over according to some.

Millwood didn't have his best stuff by a mile.

Then, 10-5 Rangers winning going into the bottom of 9. Final score is 10-9 Rangers win.

WTF you ask? Wash inexplicably put in pitcher Grilli, (Grilli! when's the last time he's pitched in a game) in the bottom of 9 and he proceeded put on 2 with no outs (single, walk). Then Frankie Fran came in to salvage it, barely, with the game ending on a questionable double play (see below).

Glass Half Full / Silver Lining:
Crash Davis went 2-4 with NO STRIKE OUTS. Alert the Media.

Rangers rally to be up 10-5 going into the bottom of 9 then, the almost complete meltdown, but don't meltdown completely.

With one out, on the final play of the game (a double play line out to Elvis, he caught the ball and then stepped on second base "beating" the guy on second back the bag who was trying to tag up) the Spankee runner was arguably safe but, called out. Let me be honest, he was safe. It was, at best, a tie (when Elvis stepped on the bag and the Spankee runner's hand touched second) and the tie goes to the runner. But, I'll take the ump's call.

That play made up for all the non-strike calls made by the homeplate ump (with all the Spankee money in his wallet) when the Rangers were pitching.

Feliz is Feliz. Awesome.

Thoughts / Observations / Sidenotes:
Catastrophic moment? Almost. Maybe. You have a 10-5 lead going into the bottom of the 9th against the Spankees and you make it that interesting? Rangers did win 10-9 but they made it a drama. So Drama Rangers win, ooohhhh, Drama Rangers win!

Of course Red Stocking won. Halo is tied as I write this. Somebody (Halo, Red Stocking) lose, please.

That's why each team gets 27 outs. It ain't over till it's over. Oh, and umpires making bad calls help the Rangers every once in a while, thankfully it was tonight.

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