Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So What Did I Miss Before Game 6 of WS?

 Back during spring training I got busy with other stuff (work mostly, remember this blog is an altruistic venture) and before I knew it the Rangers were well ahead in the division and a month or so of the season had already gone by.  I convinced myself that I didn't want to jinx the roll the Rangers were on by blogging, whether being critical or not, about them.  So, I sat back and enjoyed the ride and didn't worry about blogging about it, until now I guess.  I saw most of the regular season games and each game of the postseason games.  I even got to go to the ALCS game 6 when the Rangers clinched to go to the their second straight WS.

Glass Half Empty / Afternoon Cloud: Up to game 6 of the WS I thought my "plan" of not blogging and therefore not jinxing the Rangers was working.  2 outs and 2 strikes away for winning the WS.  Twice!  In consecutive innings.  I can barely write, think, talk about it even now.  It was hard to watch.  Still hard to comprehend that they were that close.  I know it's just a game but that hurt.

Glass Half Full / Silver Lining: 2 WS appearances in a row?!?!?  What a ride.  Please let us ride the roller coaster again next year.

Thoughts / Observations / Sidenotes: So close.  I am trying not to get spoiled and remember when Chan Ho Park was the "ace" of the staff and A-Fraud was hitting meaningless homers in 11-3 blowout wins and losses on the way to a meaningless MVP for him while the Rangers finished last in their division.

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