Saturday, July 28, 2012

D'oh! Halos Land Greinke

Glass Half Empty / Afternoon Cloud: Really?  The Brewers had to deal Greinke to the Halos? Oh, yeah Rangers lost to the White Sox last night.

Glass Half Full / Silver Lining: There are those that think Greinke would not have been a good clubhouse fit in Arlington and that Josh Johnson is the Rangers' real target.

Thoughts / Observations / Sidenotes: If not Johnson then again, what about Dempster?  The Marlins will likely try to make the Rangers overpay for Johnson.  Or could the Rangers pull off the rarely seen intra-division trade with the Mariners and land King Felix?  With the Halos loading up on some pitching for a playoff run I would think the Rangers would do something.  I guess they don't have to but, if the Rangers don't make a move and end up in a one-off wild card playoff game or (gulp!) don't make the playoffs because both the A's and the Halos overtake them then there are going to be a lot of questions about not making a move.  All that said all the talking heads on TV seem to think a Rangers move is in the making to acquire a front of the rotation pitcher.

Of course, any pitching acquisition may be for naught if the Rangers' bats continue to be anything but consistent.  Let me put it this way, does anyone really think the Rangers have any chance of winning a World Series much less winning a playoff series if Josh Hamilton is hitting .190?  Well, Josh has been doing just that since June 1.

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